Liv Card Conditions

8. Liv. The cardholder has access to the following debit card features for the Liv. Young Card: * Exclusive processing fee of approximately 1.15% per Mastercard 7.1. Your Card is eligible for certain rewards programs that are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the applicable rewards program, as described in the Liv App. You may choose to join and decline Rewards Programs in accordance with the applicable Liv Rewards Program terms and conditions. from time to time. 7.2. You earn points for card transactions based on the rewards program you have selected. Points eligibility, point accumulation, point conversion and reward categories are subject to the terms and conditions of the selected rewards program.

7.3. We may make changes to the Rewards Programs at any time, including, but not limited to: (i) changing the way you earn and use Points; (ii) adjust call rates from one reward program to another; (iii) the transfer of Rewards from a Rewards Program at any time; and (iv) changes to premium thresholds, rebates, eligibility criteria and benefits. Liv. will use reasonable efforts to promptly disclose details of changes or variations to Annex 7.4. You can switch between reward programs and change reward categories within a rewards program if this option is available in the Liv. App. We may limit your ability to choose a rewards program. 7.5. Your Card may be eligible for certain Additional Services which are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the applicable Additional Service, as described in the Liv App. If a Fee is payable for a selected Ancillary Service, you will be charged such Fees in accordance with Section 4. 7.6.

You acknowledge and agree that, from time to time, we may offer certain benefits, rewards and discounts through third party service providers or dealers. Your use of such benefits, rewards and discounts is subject to the applicable terms and conditions set forth by the applicable Partner or Third Party Provider. 6. The validity of the Liv. Young Card depends on the validity of the Liv. cardholder`s account (the “Liv. Account”) and the Liv. Cardholder`s card (the “Liv.

Card”). In the event of termination of the Liv Account or Liv. Card, for any reason, the Liv Card(s). Young will also be cancelled. Termination of a Liv. Young Card alone does not terminate the Liv. Account or Liv. Card of the Liv cardholder. These terms and conditions for Liv. The services are divided into several sections.

You can also find these terms and conditions on our website Please read these terms and conditions for Liv. services carefully before accepting. You agree and understand that by clicking and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Liv. Services you confirm that you have read, understood, acknowledged and accepted these Terms and Conditions in order to access and use Liv. App and Liv. Services. These terms and conditions for Liv. The Services govern access to and use of the Liv App, Liv. Account, Liv.

Lifestyle Account and, in general, all Liv Services. Other terms and conditions may apply to certain specific products, services, offers or contests made available on the Liv. Application directly or through third-party websites. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Liv. Services Terms and other specific terms, those specific terms shall prevail to the extent of such offerings, products and services. If you want to cancel your credit card, just chat with us. To change your card limit, make sure you have your physical card with you and it`s been more than 6 months since it was issued. To increase or decrease your card limit, simply go to your Settings page and swipe left at the top of the card image to see your credit card. Then tap “Request limit adjustment” at the bottom.

The Liv. account can be opened by a person by upgrading their Liv. lifestyle account on the The applicant must have a valid Emirates ID card issued by EIDA and be at least 18 years old. You can change your billing date up to 2 times and change your minimum payment percentage as many times as you want. To change your refund settings, go to “Settings”, swipe left at the top of the card image to see your credit card. Then tap “Change refund settings” at the bottom. Better yet, switch your Platinum credit card to the World Credit Card and earn up to 1 Skywards Miles per dirham or up to AED 18,000 cashback per year and more for just AED 200 per year. We use the latest technology to protect your money. Lost your card? Don`t panic. You can lock or unlock your debit card with just one click in the app or chat with us 24/7 in the app.

By signing, activating or using a Card, submitting an application, completing a Card transaction or otherwise using the Card or Card Account, you represent and warrant to Liv that: (i) all information provided by you to Liv. at the time of providing such information is true, accurate and complete in all material respects; (ii) you are not bankrupt or otherwise in financial difficulty; and (iii) you have carefully reviewed and understood all information provided by Liv (if any). and the terms and risks associated with the Card, Card Account and its use. 3. In addition to the foregoing and as a separate undertaking, Liv. The Cardholder is fully liable to the Bank for all fees and other liabilities incurred by Liv. Cardholder and/or Liv. Young Cardholder (“Liv. Young Cardholder”) notwithstanding any legal incapacity or legal incapacity of the Liv. Young Cardholder.

You can convert purchases over AED 500 into monthly installments using an installment plan (PPI). Simply select the transaction on your credit card`s financial activity page. Each installment plan has a one-time fee of AED 49, and each plan can have its own interest rate.