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Everything is legal unless it is likely to hurt another person or interfere with their safe, legal and happy existence. You should not be able to wake up one day in a democracy and suddenly find yourself a criminal. There is no record in Hansard of a parliamentary discussion of the 2004 regulations that deprive thousands of Australians of their legal recreational activities. Daily life is prescribed, with an unspoken understanding that it is inherently illegal to deviate from permitted activities. There are restrictions on movement, vision, speech and leisure activities. Because our Parliament in New South Wales has turned escalation into an illegal activity without us even knowing it. It turns out we`ve been breaking the law outside for years, including in the spectacular Bulahdelah Mountain State Forest, a magical backdrop for my youth and the canvas of my future clean air ambitions. Or better yet, an email to the current Secretary of State for Basic Industries, Niall Blair, telling him that in our Australian democracy, everything should be legal unless there is a compelling reason to make it illegal. I`m thinking about starting a side business with nerdy player trading cards for the legal profession, similar to superheroes or sports cards. I like the idea of some 13-year-olds having a signed and framed Allsop CJ or Bathurst CJ card mounted above their desk.

I also like the idea of a cheesy card empire to fund my other fancy flights, including this fabulous idea I have for legal-themed pajamas. In practice, the Supreme Court`s decision overturned the recognized right for decades, overturning the decision of six of Australia`s most respected judges. Rock climbing is an activity of building the Dick Smith character of the Duke of Edinburgh. Our books are currently closed as we are committed to providing a dedicated service to our current client list. This would affect many mothers and daughters and partners, fathers and sons. In October last year, the High Court ruled that isolated nucleic acid, which refers to breast and ovarian cancer, was not a “patentable invention”. No one, the court said, can have a commercial monopoly on the DNA sequences of our genes. The information contained in our genes is not “made” by human action. Instead, we balance the commitment to personal responsibility with a meaningful preventive health system. Bulahdelah, Awaba, Armidale, Ourimbah, Kiwarrak, Tallaganda and Barrington Tops to name a few. The legislator defines these prohibited acts and qualifies them as felonies or civil offences. We advise and represent builders, developers and owners in the residential and commercial construction industry.

The market will fix some things. Stupidity too. If you are an existing Wilde Legal client, please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to assist you. Melanie Wilde is an attorney at Wilde Legal, The Junction. She has expertise in litigation and intellectual property Here`s a tip for all aspiring card collectors reading my thoughts on the subject: The Federal Court of Australia will swear in its new judge, the Honourable Justice Stephen Burley, on May 23, 2016. We advise and represent in litigation over $250,000 or when a new area of law exists or specialized representation is required. That is how the law evolves. Judges conscientiously apply the law until it is amended by parliament or it is simply no longer a good law.

Science had taken precedence over patent law in this case and the French judges, Kiefel, Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle and Gordon caught up with us. We advise and represent in patent, copyright and trademark litigation and registrations. I am relieved to know that decisions that have such an impact on so many people are in the competent hands of people like Mr. Burley SC. Of course, the last three have not been banned, they have political parties with preferences to distribute. Although they pose a significant risk to the person. A patent to encode the BRCA1 protein would mean that Myriad Genetics would have been the only one legally authorized to exploit this information for a period of 15 or 20 years. They would have set the price for early detection of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The freedom of our democracy is so great that we look at the ocean and think: do you know what this surfboard needs? A huge kite is attached to it. And seeing girls go to school in Afghanistan makes my heart sing.

Or I know, let`s make skydiving even more terrifying by falling a few inches from a rock face at the same time. Imposed limits are regularly propagated as “for one`s own good” and a culture of conformity is developed. The establishment of a human rights commission in Burma is a sure sign of development, as is China`s openness to the free market and a (largely) unfettered Internet. Melanie Wilde is a litigation and intellectual property partner at Newcastle-based law firm Wilde Legal. So why all these libertarian and moral foundations elevated this week? Commercial law, litigation, construction and intellectual property BECAUSE we are young and free. And creative. And a bit wild. And shooting, fishing and four-wheeled driving. The genesis of my plan to get rich fast was in my DNA. Or rather, our DNA. Go out and see them before walking is considered inherently dangerous to you and others.