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The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice from a lawyer or the legal aid organization. This website is intended to provide a general overview of civil laws and basic ordinances affecting service and family members stationed at the Hawaii Marine Corps base. You should use this website as a tool to avoid legal difficulties before they develop. If you access this website before taking any action, you should be able to make informed decisions. Avoiding a legal problem is always more desirable than trying to resolve a dispute after it has arisen. If you still have questions or are unsure after reading some of the documents in this document, you should contact the Legal Aid Office. The information in this guide is based on local laws and regulations and is current to October 2020. Use of this guide outside of the State of Hawaii is not recommended. We are —- Marines, trained, licensed, trained and serve as lawyers —- we are dedicated to defending comrades charged before a court martial under the UCMJ to represent them before Boards of Investigation and in administrative segregation procedures and to provide them with legal advice on all other matters required by law, regulation or otherwise authorized. MCBH performs on the island of Oahu. The base is located on the windward side of the Mokapu Peninsula near Kaneohe Bay. The base is located 15 miles northeast of Honolulu and 20 miles northeast of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Although Oahu is Hawaii`s third largest island, it`s still less than 600 square miles, so you can get to any part of the island in a matter of hours. Some legal advice is only possible by appointment. Visit the Community Legal Aid website for more information on walk-in and appointment services. The Legal Services Support Team enhances the operational readiness of active and reserve personnel by providing high-quality criminal and administrative legal services, as well as legal assistance to military members (active and retired) and their dependents. The command`s legal training teams are available upon request for Marine Corps Base and tenant commandos. Please contact the Chief Legal Officer at (808) 257-7801 to make an appointment with a letter. The Legal Assistance Team improves the readiness, morale and well-being of military members, their dependents, selected reservists and retired members by providing quality legal services in personal civil matters. Will Execution Packages/reviews MUST be made during normal business hours. Moving to a new base comes with challenges, but the Hawaii Marine Corps base is a great place to call home. Visit local hangouts, hike for stunning views, and discover other gems of the area to experience all that this region and world-class base has to offer during your stay here. Staff who check in must have a report note from their command, original orders (including web orders), airline invoices, vehicle processing centre invoices and all receipts associated with their move.

There are plenty of hotels near MCBH, so you`re sure to find one that fits your budget. For a complete list of military lodges and affiliated resorts in the area, visit the Department of Defence website and the Inns of the Corps website. For more information on local schools, see Best MCBH Schools: Daycare – High School * The Defence Office provides advice in the following areas: non-judicial sanctions (NJP), summary courts martial, administrative separation, rebuttals of fitness reports, BCNR petitions, section 138 complaints, rebuttals on page 11, and representation on interrogation and medical referral committees. Walk-in Lawyer Consultation Hours: Mar & Thu 0730-1130 First come, first served / Early arrival New clients must first show up without an appointment before the appointment with the lawyer Suggested is: 21 of the best things to do near MCB Hawaii and 22 of the best restaurants near MCBH 1. Where is MCB Hawaii located? 2. Google Map view 3. Directions to MCB Hawaii 4. Getting into MCB Hawaii and Basic Facilities Tip: Download MyBaseGuide`s MCBH Military Relocation Guide for more information on nearby hotels. If you`re looking for financial advice or money help, MCBH`s talented and professional advisors can help. Children living on the base can attend Mokapu Primary School, Kailua Middle School or Kalaheo High School. Students living in Manana military shelters in the Pearl City district attend Pearl City High School. There are no DoDEA schools on the base.

Tip: Connect with military-grade companies and exclusive MCB Hawaii deals on MyBaseGuide. Hawaii is prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Information about weather and emergency preparedness in Hawaii can be found on the state`s Office of Public Health Preparedness website. For public advice on MCBH, visit the base`s website. The base`s visitor centre issues temporary passes for vehicles and can provide directions and information about the base. Tuesday and Thursday Appointment 13:00 – 16:00 Only Monday, Wednesday and Friday Appointment For more information on registration, visit the MCBH website. Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaii Marine Corps base. MCB Hawaii, or MCBH, provides training and operational support, future-oriented, sustainable and safe facilities and services to help responders accomplish their mission. MCBH`s population includes approximately 25,000 Marines, sailors, family members and civilian employees. The base is home to Marine Aircraft Group 24; 3rd Marine Regiment; 3rd Radio Battalion; 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment; 3rd Combat Logistics Battalion; and other operational units and tenant commandos. For more information on all MCBH units, visit the base`s website. The cost of living in Hawaii is high.

Rental housing, real estate and utilities are expensive. Since land on the island is limited, most rental apartments are multiplex-style and floor plans have limited area. While many military family members call the base home, others choose to live in nearby communities. Kaneohe and other nearby communities provide housing, employment and other services to MCBH military families. The Legal Aid Bureau holds information sessions on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on Wednesdays of each quarter. Please contact your chain of command to be included in the USCIS letter list. Quarterly reports are planned for the following months: January, April, July, October.

MCBH has a hot and humid climate. In summer, the average maximum is in the 80s. Summer nights cool down somewhat, with average lows in the 70s. In winter, the average peaks at MCBH are still in the 70s and 80s. The average lows are in the 60s and 70s. The base receives about 30 inches of rain per year. Building 215 adjacent to the second deck of the base mast, Room 217. The appearance of the United States Visual information provided by the Department of Defense (DoD) does not imply or constitute an endorsement by the Department of Defense. Visit the MCBH School Liaison Program website for more information on area schools, homeschooling in Hawaii, resources for parents, and more.

The website also includes contact information for the Basic School Liaison Officer, who can provide information and advice about schools in the area, as well as educational resources for your children. Tip: Search for MCB Hawaii houses and apartments for rent or sale and find information about BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing in IMPORTANT – – PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION – – Legal assistance: (808) 257-6738 Defence: (808) 257-7088 Litigation Services: (808) 257-6749/6750 Administrative Law: (808) 257-6743 MCBH DEERS, RAPIDS, and ID Cards Building 1044, Third Street and Selden Street MCBH, HI 96863 Telephone: 1 (808) 257-3346 or 1 (808) 257-3348 There are several options for your child`s education near MCBH. Hawaii offers traditional public schools as well as chartered public schools and private schools. For young children, there are a variety of local daycares and on- and off-base child care programs. In the same spirit as “Taking Care of Our Own,” we are “Marines Defending the Marines.” Read on for our detailed guide to MCBH so you can get to know your new base and the surrounding community. We are zealous defenders of our clients, serving regardless of the local chain of command, reporting only to superior naval defenders who are subject to law, professional ethics and a good and true personal moral compass. We perform our duties with integrity, motivation and pride, without fear of reprisal or expectation of professional or personal benefits. MCBH and the surrounding area are home to beautiful beaches, hiking trails, historical sites, museums, art galleries, excellent restaurants and breweries, and shopping. On the base, there are a variety of leisure opportunities including bowling, golf, movies, swimming and much more. Outside the doors, there is no shortage of activities to do.

Get out and explore paradise! Marines must report to their unit before checking into the incoming facility Personnel Management Center branch in Building 1043. Call 1 (808) 257-3197 or 1 (808) 257-2197 for more information. 5. Where should I stay near MCB Hawaii? 6. MCB Hawaii Schools 7. Weather essentials MCB Hawaii 8. Things to do near MCB Hawaii Service members interested in finding non-military housing near Kaneohe and other Oahu communities can speak with the base`s Family Housing Office.