Marketing Strategy for Legal Firms

Since you`re working with clients, it`s important to provide excellent customer service. Many legal cases span a period of a year or more. You will have a great opportunity to proactively communicate with this important audience during this time. This is the stage where you want to proactively communicate the status of the client`s case or case and keep communication open. You also want to return calls quickly and treat customers as you want to be treated. You may not find immediate success. Focus on providing offers that offer a unique and engaging perspective on the legal topic at hand, and your content can be used. I`ve already written a detailed guide on link building for law firms. From there, choose a few tactics to link to your specific “money keyword” page and homepage of your website. I recommend trying guest items and HARO at first. Your business has a specialty, but what you specialize in is not who you are. Whether you`re a personal injury law firm or focused on corporate legal services, you should always let your clients know who you are and not just what you do.

Your branding is a chance to put potential customers at ease and make them feel like they can relate to you and trust you. When there are so many law firms, you need to show your expertise in that area at the forefront. Newsletter marketing is a form of email marketing that will remain a key strategy for 2022. When considering what needs to be done to achieve your law firm`s marketing goals, be honest about whether your firm can achieve all of your goals internally. If marketing can`t be handled in-house, consider outsourcing some (or even most) of your marketing tasks. You can hire an expert to help you with everything from SEO to content creation – so don`t be afraid to outsource where you need it. Clio`s global network of certified consultants is a good place to start. Define a niche for your law practice – Often, lawyers are attached to the entire niche. Many lawyers think that when they market a niche, they exclude themselves from working in other fields. This is simply not true. There are many benefits of a niche law practice, including: Email marketing for lawyers is an online marketing strategy that offers plenty of bang for minimal effort (especially if you use tools like Mailchimp to help). Sending targeted, consistent marketing emails to your network can help you build your brand, establish your law firm`s expertise, and deliver value to readers.

Email marketing is also easy to measure, as marketing platforms offer analytics, such as how many people open your email. This way, you`ll know how well your marketing efforts are received. Thought leadership is a big part of content marketing. To make your firm a thought leader or subject matter expert for your target audience, your firm can create and share authoritative and educational content such as videos (here`s a guide to video marketing from law firms), blog posts, or even responses on forums like Quora. Mandy Woodland of Mandy Woodland Law, PLC Inc. says of her company`s marketing: “For us (and I work in both digital marketing and law), it`s all about internal and external SEO and inbound marketing. The content (whether it`s videos on your website, monthly newsletters, etc.) depends on your ideal/target customers. Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert through inbound is the most cost-effective lead generation tool available! The most important step for law firms to effectively implement a blogging strategy is to make sure they blog at least 2-4 times a month and do so regularly. It will take time, so don`t expect traffic to arrive immediately. Once you`ve established your brand image and message, integrate them into all your marketing channels: website, social media, professional networks, offline literature, etc.

Using local keyword data to answer the legal questions your ideal customers often search for online will allow your site to rank higher in Google search. In addition, it improves your internal linking structure, which also helps improve your ranking on search engine results pages. Every effort helps, given that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors. Create a sales pipeline – You own a business like everyone else. It is important that you look at your practice this way. Be sure to track the relationships you have with existing customers, past customers, potential customers, and referral sources. Identify when you last spoke to the person and what you agreed to as your next step.