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Advance your career as legal counsel in civil and criminal investigations Our background research helps validate character by assessing personal and professional history. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be qualified as a criminal investigator to assist lawyers, paralegals, state insurance companies and private companies in civil and criminal investigations. The CLS by BARBRI Legal Investigation Certificate course is designed to teach legal investigations to individuals interested in a new career or those currently working in the legal field and looking to assist with background investigations for legal matters. In addition, those working on insurance claims or financial recoveries, or HR professionals doing basic research, will find value in this course. Our private investigations help to substantiate fictitious facts. Start a new career or increase your earning potential with the most effective and comprehensive legal education. Upon completion of the course, you will be qualified to assist lawyers, paralegals, insurance companies, and private companies, as well as state and federal agencies, in civil and criminal investigations. Take advantage of what you know about computer technology and programs that support the court process. 33% of people believe it is acceptable to “amortize” a claim. Our investigations verify the legality of a claim. Mason Continuing and Professional Education has over 35 years of experience helping career-oriented individuals qualify for exciting new opportunities.

Each year, more than 3,000 students hone their skills to qualify them to advance their careers, work in new industries or maintain their certifications. Mason CPE, in partnership with CLS by BARBRI, offers you the opportunity to learn more about law, legal ethics and the benefits of successful litigation. Whether you want to become a paralegal, expand your skills as a paralegal, or expand your legal expertise as a professional, we can offer you the course you need to strengthen and advance your career. For over 40 years, CLS by BARBRI has been providing students with flexible, affordable and effective legal education through formats for busy professionals. All formats are designed and updated to keep up with the current industry and are taught by professionals. Whether you prefer to learn 100% online according to your schedule or at your own pace via our text format, we have a training option for you. We are a private detective agency that offers ethical and professional investigative solutions that withstand the harshest courts. Each survey is subject to a creative approach that uses the latest techniques and equipment in combination with traditional methods. No one-size-fits-all approach is offered here. This option is available from select partner schools for students who cannot take the course in other formats due to location or scheduling conflicts. One of Oregon`s best-known cases is the subject of a new iHeartRadio Original podcast.

Discussion forums and a built-in messaging tool make it easy to communicate with your instructor and colleagues. 2111 Front St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301, United States If you are reading this, then yes, we can help. We provide private investigation solutions for individuals, law firms, corporations, investors or anyone who wants an ethical and professional approach. That being said, we understand that we can`t be everything to everyone. Some problems require special experience that is out of our comfort zone. If we are unable to help you, we will do our best to recommend a qualified professional who can. Family matters can be both tricky and confusing. We can help provide answers to life`s toughest questions. Our legal investigation assurance course covers a wide range of topics, including arson investigations, workplace accidents, product liability investigations, financial and fairness investigations, and malpractice and negligence. Learn more. Ideal for students who do not have access to a computer or the Internet, the text-only format is a printed version of the online course and only requires the printed course materials sent with your textbooks. Improve your knowledge and skills Work more effectively in a law firm.

This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy and terms of service apply. Legal Course Information Webinar — This session was recorded on March 24, 2021 and may contain timely information. Our courses are open and start every 8 weeks. Good question! When you hire us, you get a dedicated career professional who understands that we work for you. You can rely on years of experience to work hard to develop verifiable and reliable information tailored to your individual needs. We inform you about the most important decisions concerning your private and professional affairs. “Murder in Oregon,” hosted by Lauren Bright Pacheco and Phil Stanford, will investigate and investigate the murder of Oregon Department of Corrections Director Michael Francke. Learn anytime, anywhere. The interactive platform provides 24/7 access to course materials as well as printed videos and tutorials. Review the material as often as necessary to ensure completeness. Complete weekly tasks to stay on track.